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We only send you cart details of customers who completed filling out their full information. They enter all their personal details and continue on to your payment information page where they likely dropped off. This means any alert you get is for a very interested buyers who probably dropped off because of an unanswered question of concern. If you call them and understand this concern and address it, you have a strong chance of recovering the sale.
We get this a lot. This is why we have built in a feature which will also give you a customized high converting script along with the cart details. Scout will take the customer’s personal and order details and place it into the template. So all you will need to do is read the script!
We have developed a blog post on this exact question. You can read more here.
It depends store to store, but if you have a niche product, we have found conversion rates can reach over 50%! We wrote a post here with one of our pilot stores to show the evidence of this
We know that many people feel asking for a phone number might discourage a customer from completing their checkout. We disagree with this for a couple reasons. 1) These days with new browsers auto-filling fields, many times the phone number field is auto-populated. And 2) an interested customer won’t be deterred by this field if it’s something they need. We did a pros and cons analysis in this post with more details here
Very soon Scout will start recommending which of your BEST customers you should be calling, along with specialized scripts to say “thank you”. We have found through our pilot merchants that calling customers who have already bought in the past present a unique opportunity to upsell on other products. Additionally, Scout will also give you insights about the performance of your store and what you should do to keep growing.
Yes! We can set you up on our Scout Plus offering which is a Call Center as a Service. Our call center is set up in Europe comprised of English speaking women who will be well versed in your product offering and will undergo training to make sure your brand is properly represented.

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