Scaled for Enterprise


Scout Plus and Scout Enterprise is a Call Center as a Service offering for ecommerce stores looking for an affordable solution to grow head count in what matters most: Customer Experience

English Speaking European Staff

We set up one on one time for you to vet and educate your dedicated staff to represent your brand properly

Prioritized Call Logs

As carts are checked out (and abandoned) Scout re-prioritized highest value customers first so our reps are always talking to the best possible customer at any time

Customer Feedback Reports

Our rep will naturally bring up questions in conversations and record answers via a survey form. These forms will be consolidated and reported to you each week through our dashboards

Commission Based Structure

Reps are dedicated to your store so the longer they work for you the better they get. We only make profit when we close a sale for you


Ready to start

Scout is incredibly easy to use. Just connect your Shopify store and Scout will get to work.