Calling your customers grows your business

Numbers Don't Lie

Scout is a Messenger chatbot that alerts you about two types of customers. Those that almost bought from you, and those who are buying from you. Calling both of these customers is proven to drastically increase sales.


Cart Recovery

Our studies have shown that 55% of abandoned carts are recovered from calling to ask for feedback


Repurchase & Referrals

Proactively calling customers result in 32% increase in repurchase and referrals


Sales Probability

Upselling to existing customers have a 60-70% chance of closing versus 5-20% for new leads


Increase Profits

A 5% increase in customer retention resulted in 25-95% increase in profitability

App Demo

Watch the short video on how Scout works and how it's so easy to use

What people are saying

Talking with your customers is a powerful thing and merchants who use Scout use it every day


Getting the notification from Facebook Messenger then being able to call our customers has increased our Shopify sales dramatically. Thanks Scout!

Greg Carron, 3D Makeable

I like the immediate notification. I can take a look and make note of who is abandoning and watch them.

Brittany Haas, Happily Ever Borrowed

Amazing app to get more sales. 100% recommend. All Shopify stores who are motivated to make more money should get this.

Mostapha Hijazi, Venom Motorsports

We’ve been using your app for only a very short while and 2 out of 4 customers we’ve called have recovered! Brilliant!

Natalie Mounter, Totally Dazzled

Ready to start

Scout is incredibly easy to use. Just connect your Shopify store and Scout will get to work.